Cover scan for Captain America (Vol. 1) #303.

Cover scan for Captain America (Vol. 1) #303.

With all the rage going on in lieu of the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier I thought that I would share this cover scan. It has the first appearance of Batroc The Leaper that I ever bought. Guess what, as an additional fact of trivia you can see that Marvel Comics already had a character called Machete before Robert Rodríguez.

XMen: Days of Future Past – Empire Celebrates With Multiple Character Covers

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The Entertainment magazine “Empire” has an exclusive deal for XMen: Days of Future Past and have been putting together covers featuring the characters from the film. We get a first look at the Mark I Sentinel, Stryker as a younger Soldier and a good look at Quick Silver.

*UPDATED* The Covers featuring the Future versions of the characters have now been released so thats all 25 Covers (Celebrating 25 years of Empire Magazine)

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