Remembering San Diego Comicon International 1991 (July 4-7, 1991)

My God, it has been 20 whole years since I went to my first San Diego Comicon. It was 1991, Valiant Comics was about two years old give or take, X-Men #1 (Vol.2) and The Infinity Gauntlet were nearby to being released to avid comic book readers , The Rocketeer and Terminator 2 where the summer movie releases that every body were waiting for and on a sunny Wednesday afternoon of July 3, 1991 I arrived to the beautiful and magical city of San Diego, California.

It’s hard to explain the mix of feelings I felt the moment I finally arrived to my hotel. It was a mix anxiety and excitement. I had already attended two small conventions in New York City in 1988 but never an event of the size and complexity of SDCC. This was the first time I the convention was celebrated at the San Diego Convention Center. The first time I entered the convention floor was unforgettable, it was like being in the biggest comic book store in the whole planet with the widest variety of merchandise and signings from the all the top talents in comics.

The highest points of my trip:

  1. I met Jack Kirby and had the change to talk to him and say thank you for all his wonderful work. It is a priceless moment in my life.
  2. I shared a table with Colleen Doran and her mother during a special dinner event on Saturday Night.
  3. I met Dave Stevens and “Tiny Tim” and got my copy Rocketeer Graphic Novel from Eclipse signed.
And now let me share with you my photos from that trip. Enjoy.

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