Shhh – I’m Reading My Barbie Comics!

Before Supergirl, before Wonder Woman, Barbie was my girl. Her surreal angel face and physiologically impossible body had me smitten at a very early stage in my life. I loved her but she didn’t love me (I mean come on it’s a freaking doll for crying out loud).  So imagine my frustration when I had to wait until the end of 1990 so that Marvel Comics could finally release the #1 issue of their Barbie Comic Book.

Written by Lisa Trusiani, pencilled by Mary Wilshire, Inked by John Lucas, Colored by Renee Witterstaetter and edited by Fabian Nicieza  to me this book is an unsung gem in the history of Comics. This issue consisted of three stories “The Fashion Show Must Go On”, “Dirty Dancing” and “Prize Pet”.  Plus four one page vignettes. This issue encapsulates everything that makes Barbie fabulous. Her caring-loving nature, her witty humor, silky smooth hair and of course her unparalleled fashion sense it’s all there. This comics is excellent reading for young girls and this issue even included a bonus Door Hanger which I also scanned as you can see  below.

Barbie Door Hanger Side A
Barbie Door Hanger Side B

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