Foreword: This is a revised and expanded version of the Comicfest ’93 post that I did on may 7, 2011. The changes included are:

  • The photos in the album are now digital transfers direct from the negative.
  • The text parts will contain more details about the event thank to my finding the Event map and schedule booklet.

Comicfest ’93 was the second US based comic book convention that I attended during the 90’s (San Diego was the first one). It took place October 8-11, 1993 at the Philadelphia Civic Center, in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Among the highlights of this convention were the following exhibits:

  • “BLOCK”EFELLER PLAZA: a display of original sets from the animated adventures of GUMBY.
  • CARTOONIST ACROSS AMERICA: two murals painted across the sides of a 48-foot tractor-trailer.
  • THE INTERNATIONAL MUSEUM OF CARTOON ART: a selection of original comic, cartoon and animation ar in a special display open all four days of the show.
The list of Special Guest for this convention included:
  • Mort Walker, creator of Beetle Bailey
  • Robb Armstrong, creator of Jumpstart
  • Ray Billingsley, creator of Curtis
  • Mr. T
  • “Boy”Gary of the Howard Stern Show
  • Susie Owens, “Flaxen”
  • Greg Gross, former member of the Philadelphia Phillies
  • Chuck Bednarik,  former member of the Philadelphia Eagles
There were quite the amount of special events at his convention the ones that I attended were:
  • HARLAN ELLISON at the Penn Hall Auditorium: two hours of reading, opinions and anybody’s guess what else.
  • JIM SHOOTER’S HOW TO CREATE COMICS SEMINAR: at this lecture Mr. Shooter passed along the fundamental tools of creating, writing and drawing comics that were taught to him by some of the legends in the field.
  • TODD MCFARLANE AND IMAGE COMICS: HAVE THEY RECEIVED A FAIR SHAKE BY THE MEDIA: a debate between Peter David and Todd McFarlane moderated by George Perez.
What follows is a photo gallery covering my four days at the event:

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