DRAGON-CON – JULY 13-16, 1995

Dragon-Con 1995 was actually 3 events in one.

  • The Dragon*Con/Atlanta Comics Expo (ACE),
  • The North American Science Fiction Convention
  • The International Starfleet Convention.

I met Sci-Fi writer David Feintuch famous for his science fiction series, the Seafort Saga. He was a very nice person and we coincided in more than one occasion  because we both attended the same panels about writing that were given during the Convention. While doing my research for this post it saddened me to find out that he died in 2006 from a heart attack. He was 61.  I had the honor of meeting for the first time the legend Jim Steranko. I am a big fan of  his work. From the Star Wars movies I met the original Mr. Darth Vader himself  Dave Prowse, wonderful person. I also went to a panel given by Anthony Daniels the actor who played C3PO. I met Peter David again and my got my own FRIENDS OF ELLISON button from him. I had a wonderful time meeting Harvey Pekar and his wife Joyce Brabner at their table and got myself a bunch of articles from Mark Bagley, John Byrne, Rich Buckler, Monique Gabrielle, Bo Hampton, Marty Nodell, Jason Pearson, Al Simmons, Matt Wagner and Wayne Vasant. And I saw Harlan Ellison for a third time.

I had a wonderful time. This was the last US based comic convention that I attended during the 90’s. In 1996 I decided to go back to College and get a second Bachelor Degree in Accounting (which I finally got in 1999). So what used to be my convention money became my college money. I still miss those years and hope to go back to Dragon*Con sometime in the future.


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