On September 7, 2011 we will see the release of Rob Liefeld’s latest penciling work on a regular comic book series. I’m talking of course about Hawk and Dove #1. There is little I could say about the quality of this series that haven’t been done in other places “at nauseum”, but I’ll give it a try. I remember that the first time I found his art was with the 1988 Hawk and Dove mini-series, after that I remember his on Marvel’s New Mutants and latter on X-Force which made him a comic book demi-god. And then he left Marvel to form Image Comics with his buddies where he exemplified with his drawings what was for me a deliciously perverse Era of Excess on the Page.

And yet I feel compelled in a bout of nostalgia to remember his early 90’s magnum opus Youngblood. Even when this series leaves a lot to be desired on many aspects, I simply can’t stop myself from admiring his art. So here I bring you for old time’s sakes a cover gallery of the original first six issues of Youngblood. Enjoy.


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