Weekly Comic Morning

During my first only trip (so far) to the San Diego Comic Con 1991 I took many photos, met a boatload of comic book legends including Jack Kirby and brought home a lot of souvenirs. Many of those were pamphlets and one leaf sheets promoting all kinds of stuff. One of the more memorable ones is one called WEEKLY COMIC MORNING.

You see there’s this publishing company in japan called Kodansha Ltd. and it is the largest Japanese publisher so far. This company have been publishing since 1982 a weekly magazine aimed at adult readers (no porn stuff) that goes today by the name WEEKLY MORNING but that started with the name COMIC MORNING. What does a Japanese weekly publication had to do with SDCC? They were searching for new talent. You see, the tastes of Japanese readers are more wide and varied than pretty much any other place that I can think of. They are always craving for new material, new stories from any corner of the world. So they distributed these pamphlet to convention goers with the goal of attracting their next new star.

Today I which to share that little jewel of Japanese marketing click here for a PDF version and look below for the photo album.


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