Publisher: DC Comics
Classification: Teen (T)
Title: “One More Amorous Conflict”
Language: English
Writer: Dan Didio
Penciller: Scott Kolins
Inker: Scott Koblish
Coloring: Hi-Fi
Editor: Harvey Richards
Cover Price: $2.99
Page Count: 20 pages of story + 2 page preview

Plot Synopsis

A double date for Kevin Kho turns into a battle between O.M.A.C. the ever so deadly Sweet Leilani. The mystery of Zero Patient is afoot while, the rivalry between Max Lord and Brother Eye gets worse.


First of all I must admit that my opinion of this title has improved since the first impression that issue #1 gave me. Back then even when I found the art superb but the plot was too thin with almost no info about the characters and therefore no reason for me to feel a any interest and/or sympathy for them. That first issue was just one big ride, Hulk style. Still there was enough to keep me hooked enough to get the next issue, and the next one and so on.

The main thing that I like about this comic is how action packed it is. The action sequences are a tribute to the classic Kirby Epic Fisticuffs Battles of his New Gods days. Second is the theft mixture of elements from the classic original O.M.A.C. series by Jack Kirby with 1980’s espionage comics (there’s even Sarge Steel (originally from Charlton Comics drown into the mix) that give this comic and element of intrigue and fun.

Issue #6 is no exception. Dan Didio’s writing is crisp and brisk. It balances between narrating the ongoing journey of the main character Kevin Kho, the mysterious plots of the enigmatic Brother Eye and the dark secrets of Project Cadmus. All that he also gives us a brand new villain in the New Gods tradition. The pencilling by Scott Kolins is as good as ever with detailed backgrounds and dynamic action sequences. I always enjoyed his work on The Flash and The Avengers. Scott Koblish’s superb inking ties every thing together giving uniformity to the general look of the book regarless of whomever is drawing it. Top marks go to Hi-Fi for an excellent coloring job.

It’s a shame that this title will be cancelled with issue #8 so get go get it while you can.


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