It’s time to get back to the nostalgic stuff after all the recent San Diego Comic Con stuff that’s been covered in this blog. One if my main sources of good memories is my comic book collection. Today I’m going to cover an 80’s DC Comics title that is very dear to my heart. I’m talking about SECRET ORIGINS, a 50-issue series (plus three annuals and a special) that ran from 1986 to 1990. This series was an ideal access point to the rich catalog if characters both classic and new in the DC  Universe. It’s first five issues were regular sized, single issue stories depicting the origins of the Golden Age Superman, the Blue Beetle (both classic and modern versions in a single issue), Captain Marvel, Firestorm and Crimson Avenger respectively. From issue #6 the title changed to a double sized format showcasing two origin stories each issue, one from a Golden Age character and the other from a Modern Age character. I have all those 50 wonderful issues, plus the annuals and the special. They constitute a gallery of some of the best talents of that decade. I wish to share with you some of those covers.


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