Day 4 was the saddest day for me because it was the last day. It was also the only day I realized that I forgot my badge right before entering the convention early in the morning, so I had to go back to my hotel to get it. This was the only day I went to the Westin but I did it very early and if I stayed 20 minutes I stayed too long. I headed back to the Hyatt andvthe Marriot. Everybody I saw there was either in the process of checking out or getting into their vehicles or taxis. I started to get the feeling that the convention was over yesterday but luckily that was just melancholy setting early. I was just very early and the panels of the day didn’t start until 10:00 AM. By 9:00 AM the shopping areas, the Gallery and the Artist Alley were open and I made the most of it. A Battlestar Galactica final panel was set for 10:00 AM; it had Richard Hatch, Jamie Bamber, James Callis and Michael Trucco so there was representation from both the original and the new series. It was in that panel that I made the only other acquaintance that wasn’t a comic book or TV artist. I’m talking of course about the amazing Jessica Paulding. Thanks to the smartphone technology we friended on Facebook and have been keeping in contact ever since.

From DRAGON CON 2012, DAY 4, Sept 3, 2012
From DRAGON CON 2012, DAY 4, Sept 3, 2012

By 3:30 PM the Artist Alley was closed to the public. That was the first solid clear sign that Dragon*Con 2012 was coming to an end. The battery on my second camera finally died so I continued taking photos with my smartphone until it was around 4:00 PM, then I went back to my hotel. It was over; my glorious Labor Day extra-long weekend was over.

Once I was in my room I rested for a while, after that I started packing. Thank goodness everything fitted nicely inside my two pieces of luggage. Went to sleep early and got up earlier, got ready, checked out and shared a cab to the airport. I got there at about 6:00 AM my plane left around 9:20 AM.

While I was waiting for my plane to leave I couldn’t help but remember the last episode of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, “All Good Things”. On the penultimate scene were Captain Picard sat down at the table to play poker for the first time with his shipmates, he pauses, has a moment of realization and says “I should have done this a long time ago”.

Now I really know what the Captain meant.

From DRAGON CON 2012, DAY 4, Sept 3, 2012
From DRAGON CON 2012, DAY 4, Sept 3, 2012
From DRAGON CON 2012, DAY 4, Sept 3, 2012
From DRAGON CON 2012, DAY 4, Sept 3, 2012
From DRAGON CON 2012, DAY 4, Sept 3, 2012

I wish to dedicate this 5 part DRAGON*CON CHRONICLES to the amazing Jessica Paulding. The best Starbuck cosplayer I have had the good luck to meet. Live Long and Prosper Jessica.


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