I believe it was Jeff Foxworthy who once said that redneck is a state of total unsophistication. To me an unsophisticated person is someone who likes to keep things in his life as simple as possible. We are talking about the quintessential definition of the common man. That definition is as good as any to begin this review of the comic strip titled NEX, SUPERHEROES FOR THE REST OF US.

Created by Stephen L. Fox (he does the writing, penciling and pretty much everything else) and Edited by Michael McReynolds this strip answers an age old question; what would happen is a bunch of rednecks were abducted by aliens and given superpowers? Well, a lot of fun is what would happen. NEX tells the tale of Bret, Mack, Ricky and Keith, four unsophisticated friends that are living ordinary lives and one day get thrown together into an extraordinary situation and make the best of it.

Mr. Fox has concocted a very well written, well drawn, very funny tale of the common man turned into a meta-human and his eternal quest for a good time with good friends no matter what. All the conventionalisms of the redneck life are laid down together with all the superpower jokes that you can expect in this situation.

I recommend this comic to everybody. To know more about this strip you can go to their website by clicking here.


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