Cover for Superman #13. Art by Kenneth Rocafort.

Publishing House: DC Comics

Rating: Teen

Language: English

Written by: Scott Lobdell

Artist: Kenneth Rocafort

Colors: Sunny Gho

Cover Price: $ 2.99

Number of pages: 32

Synopsis: Clark Kent makes a significant career decision. Superman faces a being from his Kryptonian past but will it be the last?

It is with no small amount of pleasure that I announce that with this issue my fellow puertorrican brother Mr. Kenneth Rocafort makes history once again by having himself credited as the regular penciller in the regular series of Superman on issue #13. Technically he started with issue #0, but that’s a special issue and #13 is the first issue of the regular series that he is drawing and an issue it is.

I see a new character in the form of Dr. Veritas, some interesting hints about the limits of Superman, but Clark Kent coming to terms with having lost Lois Lane’s favor and on top of that quitting his job? That was unexpected for me so early in the run of this comic. My main problem with this issue is that it is only 20 pages of main story and 8 pages of preview material. We are only given bits and pieces of what is obviously a larger story (I’m talking of course about the upcoming H’EL ON EARTH saga), just enough to keep me hooked. In the writer’s defense I’ll say that I found the characterizations solid and the pacing controlled.

The jewel of this story for me is Rocafort’s art which thanks to Sunny Gho’s colors it pops outs like Krypton’s red sun. Lots of details, lots of innovating panel sequences, all of them with Rocafort’s personal trademark. The fight scene could have used more pages.

In short Superman #13 was a decent start with room for improvement. I’m looking forward to issue #14.


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