X-23 (Marvel Comics).

I’m starting a section in this blog called Cosplayer In Focus. On this section I’ll give my personal opinions about some of the Puerto Rican cosplayers that I have met. I’ll start with the cosplayer called Red Rose.

There is a phrase that I do not use much, “Master of Disguise”. It is reserved for when I meet a cosplayer that can disguise herself so effectively that I just can’t recognize her because she has successfully transformed into another person. I can count with the fingers of one of my hands the Puerto Rican women I know capable of such a feat. Red Rose is one of that select group of women.

Mary Marvel (DC Comics).

She dominates to perfection the art of how to transform into another person fully and successfully changing her dress, her facial expressions, body language , even the way she uses her eyes to look at people. One day she is the most pure and noble heroine of the world, another day is a fearsome and deadly mutant warrior and another day is the sinister character of your favorite video game. Innocence, mystery, sensuality, all this and more make of this cosplayer a package full of talent and promise for the future. This young lady started in the hobby of cosplay in 2011 and has already begun to gain recognition in several blogs dedicated to cosplay with Mary Marvel characters, X-23 and Velma Dinkley among others.

To keep abreast of the news this cosplayer give click to this link .

Velma Dinkley (Scooby Doo).

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