Mary Marvel.
Mary Marvel (DC Comics). Photo by Eduardo Melendez.

If you ask me how I would define a cosplayer my answer would be, “is a person who makes a physical and dramatic representation of a character of your choice using a disguise.” On the other hand if you ask me how I would define a “Master of Disguise” my definition would be that it’s someone who is successful in managing to hide his appearance wearing costumes. What I mean by successful is that you do not recognize the person in the costume because unless the person opens its mouth and says “I am me”. When you are a cosplayer people can tell when they see you “look is “name” disguised!” Provided that your face isn’t completely hidden by a mask (e.g. a Spider-Man cosplay). When you are a “Master of Disguise” you do not use traditional masks. Instead you use selective alterations which you apply to your face in such a skilled way that if you combine it with the appropriate costume and a convincing performance you are unrecognizable; they do not know it’s you.

Velma Dinkley (Scooby Doo) Foto por Ernesto Javier Photography.
Velma Dinkley (Scooby Doo). Photo by Ernesto Javier Photography.

“Master / Mistress of Disguise” is a term I do not use much. It is reserved for when I meet a cosplayer that can disguise herself so effectively that I just can’t recognize her because she has successfully transformed into another person. I can count with the fingers of one of my hands the Puerto Rican women I know capable of such a feat. Red Rose is one of that select group of women.

She dominates to perfection the art of how to transform into another person fully and successfully changing her dress, her facial expressions, body language, even the way she uses her eyes to look at people. One day she is the most pure and noble heroine of the world, another day is a fearsome and deadly mutant warrior and another day is the sinister character of your favorite video game. Innocence, mystery, sensuality, all this and more make of this cosplayer a package full of talent and promise for the future. This young lady started in the hobby of cosplay in 2011 and has already begun to gain recognition in several blogs dedicated to cosplay with Mary Marvel characters, X-23 and Velma Dinkley among others.

To keep abreast of the news this cosplayer give click this link.

X-23 (Marvel Comics). Foto por Eduardo Melendez.
X-23 (Marvel Comics). Photo by Eduardo Melendez.


When did you discover the hobby of cosplay?

I discovered it in 2009 looking at magazines from Japan; I got to see some Final Fantasy cosplays which left me in shock because of how perfect they were.

What motivates you to practice this hobby, why do you it?

What motivates me to practice this hobby is my daughter’s face when she sees me dressed or preparing a piece of cosplay, she gets so excited and I’m so glad to see her so happy in other words it’s like some kind of “fuel” for me. There are also times when I would like to be someone else for this reason or the other, and cosplay has been a window to transform and forget about Damayanti and be a mutant of the X-Men like X-23.

Are you a fan of any particular area of ​​entertainment (comics, anime, video games)?

I love video games but I also love anime and comics, as a young girl I was always hanging out with my uncle and what he did was play video games and read comics and it just got stuck. But I love it!

Do you remember who was the first character that inspired you to do a cosplay?

I have always had an itch to do cosplays, but the problem was that I didn’t know who I would do, that’s when one of my friends, Karina came into action and said “you’re a lot like Supergirl’s BFF, Mary Marvel that it is is your character and that will be your first cosplay “. I started looking for information and I can say that I ended loving the character, which motivated me to do it.

Do you build your own costumes alone or with help?

I’m still at the stage where I do them with help (I have little experience in sewing) but I’m slowly working on certain things, right now I’m working on details, “props” and wigs, but I know there will come a time when I’ll be able to build one completely by myself.

Which do you consider has been so far your more challenging cosplay to make?

From my cosplays the most challenging was when I did X-23, the clone of Wolverine. She has claws which I had no clue how to do them and I don’t think that I could have done them if not for Jaime. Besides that the eye lens that I for that cosplay, it seems that they arrived damaged and kept annoying me throughout the convention. But as they taught me in my theater class, “the show must go on”.

How did you feel the first time you got your first cosplay?

I was nervous when I was in the process of making it and then nervous again when I was entering the Puerto Rico Convention Center. I was excited once I was inside and saw the others in their cosplays. I was so excited that I felt like a child in Disney World for the first time, could not stop smiling and I can say I was very happy. I was also satisfied because many people told me that I did a good job and that pleased me.

Do you feel that you express some of your personality into your cosplays?

Yes, each of the characters that I did have one or more characteristics with which I describe myself. For example, Mary Marvel is this happy girl which everything he proposes herself to do she does, X-23 is someone who has had to overcome a lot to get to a place where she feels happy with her life and with herself, Velma is this smart girl that never gives up.

When did you make your first appearance in cosplay?

My first appearance was at the Puerto Rico Comic Con 2011.

If you have made appearances at local conventions and / or U.S. based events, which ones have you appeared?

At Puerto Rico Comic Con and Kaisen.

Do you use services of professional photographers?

Yes, I have worked with Ernesto Javier Photography and Parlit Photography.


Do you have experience attending professional meetings “photo-shoot”?

Yes, since college on account of what I’m studying and with my friends.

What has been the response of the public towards your cosplays?

It has been very positive, which makes me extremely happy.

Have you been subject to criticism, ridicule or discrimination for being cosplayer?

Yes, I have had criticism but I have taken it to improve the quality of my cosplays, plus I have had derision thrown my way and there will always be someone saying them but I do not listen to them, as simple as that.

Do you feel that your life has changed, that you’ve changed since you started doing cosplay?

My life has changed and I changed too. Before doing cosplay I was shy, didn’t get out much, now it is the opposite. I’m very outgoing; I make plans to go out with my family, friends, etc. In the aspect of my life thanks to the cosplay community I have met many people, I have made friends with many and also I have some that have been with me through thick and thin, and this is something that I am very grateful to the world of cosplay and the beautiful community that it is.

Marvel Girl & Supergirl (DC Comics).Foto por XERLAC. Karina Santiago en cosplay de Supergirl.
Marvel Girl & Supergirl (DC Comics). Photo by XERLAC. Karina Santiago is wearing the Supergirl cosplay.

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