Kathleen McGlone and I have something in common, our predilection for certain character of “Bat-Universe” of DC Comics. I’m talking about the character of Harley Queen, the accomplice of the Joker. But this is where our commonalities end because when we talk about Kathleen and Harley we are talking about a theme that is separate and apart where there’s no room for third persons. The connection between these two starts in the territory of fiction but it grows and grows until it reaches its fullness in the territory of cosplay.

We’re talking total immersion in the character, the ultimate expression of a cosplay in the opinion of this humble servant. When this girl puts on the Harley cosplay, she is Harley. In addition to the fact that she dominates the body language of the character perfectly she also has a perfect knowledge of the history of the character in terms of the psychology of Harley Queen. Therefore she dresses, moves and talks like her.

DSCI0373 150667_10151370899169686_726179469_n

Ms. McGlone in addition to his talents as Harley is a beautiful and sexy Puerto Rican beauty with a distinguished career as both a cosplayer and a judge at cosplay contests. Her achievements in the hobby of cosplay are not limited to Harley Queen and the photos of this article can attest to it.



When did you discover the hobby of cosplay?

I used to play a game called ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ at my local hobby shop, “The Shire” located in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. The store was owned by my friend Ruben Gautier who learned about an animation convention called the DCC’s Collector’s Convention in Santurce, Puerto Rico. I attended my first convention in September 2006 as a civilian.

What motivates you to practice this hobby? Why did you do it?

This hobby helps me stay creative and motivates me to keep having fun in a healthy way. In this environment I can share with other people with the same tastes without having to feel pressured to do something that I do not like.

Are you a fan of any particular area of ​​entertainment (comics, anime, video games)?

I’d say all three. I started reading comics in middle school and already had years playing video games (then it was all Super Nintendo). It was not until high school that I began to read manga and watch anime. But if I have to choose I would say the comics specifically the Batman series.

Do you remember the first character that inspired you to do a cosplay?

Harley Quinn. I always wanted to dress like her because of the way she is always looking for something good in everything. I loved and still love “The Joker” and his “sidekick” Harley. She was all that I wanted to be: fun, sexy, and with a good sense of humor.

Do you build your own costumes? Do you do it alone or with help?

I’ve always had help. I use a seamstress for clothing but I build my props. I started doing basic materials as props or cardboard foamy and slowly I got the hang of making props larger and more versatile. It was not until recently that I stopped using a seamstress and began sewing clothes by myself. I still get help because every day I learn new sewing techniques thanks to my friend Lizabel Rodriguez. Thanks to her is that I sew my own cosplays.

What do you consider your cosplay is more challenging to make?

It was the most recent one Duela Dent from DC Comics. I had to sew two corsets until I got it to work as it was supposed to. Also I sew the skirt so that it kept lifted and I had never done that before. The shoulder pads were made of brassier that I cut in half and sewed on top of it. The wire was rather laborious. I had a hard time getting the “clock shaped” buttons to be as similar to hers. Likewise her “back pack” was hard to build so that it would not move once I put it on. I spent three weeks wrestling with it and it had never taken me so much time in making a cosplay.

DSC01251 DSC01250 207654_10151370892304686_839821277_n

How did you feel the first time you got your first cosplay?

Comfortable. I always liked to dress for theater plays, dances and Halloween.

Do you feel that you express some of your personality through your cosplays?

Yes, I seem very serious when you look at me up front and the characters that I cosplay, have that same seriousness. I always choose a character that is similar to me in personality. I choose the ones that are serious, strong in character, but flirty.

When did you make your first appearance in cosplay?

October 2006 at the store called “The Shire” in Arecibo where a contest was held. In San Juan it was at the DCC Collector’s Convention at December of the same year.

If you have made cosplay appearances at conventions local or US, which ones have you appeared?

At the DCC Collector’s Convention, Kaisen, Central Fan Fest, Pop Culture Expo (which became known later as the Puerto Rico Comic Con), Expo Science/FX, Manga Criolla, Matsuri, Ponce Comic Con, Aguada Comic Con, the Animania (at the Sun Coast Video Store) and the AnimeAtHome activities.

Do you use services of professional photographers?

I paid to have photos by Ernesto Javier at conventions but other than that, no.

Have experience attending professional meetings “photoshoot”?

No. Only group shootings when we did them at the Paquines Group. But never one on one with a photographer.

What has been the response of the public towards your cosplays?

I have received praise and won several competitions. Many have asked me about my props and my cosplays.

Have you been subject to criticism, ridicule or discrimination for being cosplayer?

Sure, who would not? There are several people who have not grown up and still live with the feeling that they are better than everyone else and have in their minds that it gives them the right to look down on others. As the “Head Judge” of the cosplay contest at Kaisen I have been verbally assaulted multiple times. There are even websites which mock me daily. But I’ve learned to be a teacher and to observe the behavior of young people who have negative intentions towards others who haven’t gotten over their own pride or events in their own lives. I’ve accepted that I will never be everyone’s favorite but there are people in the world of cosplay and in my personal life who always support me in what I do and what people referred to as “bullies” I cannot say because I do not live affect with them or interact with them daily.

Do you feel your life has changed, that you’ve changed since you started doing cosplay?

I’m still the same except that I do not accept anyone in my life now. I take the time to know them and I have to be careful with private information divulged as there are always people with bad intentions. In the other aspects of my life I’m still the same girl “geeky” who likes to read books and comics, plays all the time, and likes everything related to anime.



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