Rest In Peace, Ray Harryhausen

Rest in Peace, Ray Harryhausen.

One with Clay, Image and Text


Peter Jackson and George Lucas both cite this late, lamented man as the one who made what they did in LORD OF THE RINGS and STAR WARS possible. And Nick Park (hmmmm–double acrostic possibility!), creator of Wallace and Gromit, says he was “one of the true greats.”

I will never forget the fight with the skeletons in JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS. What artistry! What fine four-dimensional sculpting!

Here are the words to the “Rest In Peace Ray Harryhausen” acrostic:

Reliable magic makes crowds ooh & aah
Ethereal sunbeams become Shangri-La
So sculpt a Medusa & snake up her hair
Then rattle the skeletons Jason can’t bear
Intriguing ensnaring of slow & unwary
Nefarious creatures cf C. J. Cherryh
Put Mighty Joe Young in a place like Samoa
Enjoy fleeting fortune as weird as an emu
And what kind of hope say the murmuring trees
Can memory seemingly borne on a…

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