José Ramos is Doctor Strange (Marvel Comics).

As I write this post it has been barely a day and 3 hours since the ending of this island’s main pop culture event. I’m talking of course about the PUERTO RICO COMIC CON 2013 which started the night of Friday 24 with the Masquerade Ball (it’s their first one) and ended Sunday (May 26) evening. This year’s event had an even more impressing guest list than 2012. That list included the names of Kevin Sorbo (Hercules), Jordan Hembrough (Toy Hunter) and David Finch (penciller from DC Comics) to name just a few.

Also for the first time Marvel Comics sent one of their representatives to Puerto Rico to do portfolio reviews in other of discovering and recruiting new talent from this island’s vast artistic community. And on that note it’s time to point out that this year like the last one the PRCC had the biggest participation of Puerto Rico’s comic book artists and cartoonists. Merchandise wise there was a wide selection of products from vintage comic books, anime related merchandise, plush toys to hand crafted jewelry.

Friday’s Masquerade Ball had a pretty decent attendance for something that the people of PRCC were trying for the first time. The people who were within the age bracket that this sort of activity had a blast. I being 47 years old found myself playing a more contemplative role.

The line to get inside extended around the Convention Center.
The line to get inside extended around the Convention Center.

I got up early on Saturday morning because I didn’t want to miss a thing. The turnout for that day broke all previous attendance records with a line extending outside and around the convention center. But it was worth waiting in line because once inside it was pure Nerdvana with cosplayers from all over the island walking around wearing costumes of such craftsmanship and complexity that equaled and  a lot of times surpassed anything that I have seen at conventions in the continental U.S.A. On the autograph signing area the con’s invited guest were attending while Japanese animation was being presented in one room, a short film festival (with local talent) in another room and a variety of panels presented through the day which included presentations of new products from the local talent to Q & A sessions with our invited guests. All this repeated itself on Sunday which also had a big turnout of people getting in line and I’m talking actual school buses full of people coming to the PRCC.

Steph Vega as Red X (DC Comics).
Steph Vega as Red X (DC Comics).
Bumblebee and Optimus Prime.
Bumblebee and Optimus Prime.

In closing, this year’s Puerto Rico Comic Con was a complete success that met and surpassed everybody’s expectations. My most sincere congratulations to Rikky Carrión and his most excellent staff for giving us something that was more than an event, it was a perfect symphony to all things geek that played for 2 days.


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  1. It is nice to see comic con in other areas besides San Diego!

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