Miranda. Photo taken by Pixelette Photo.
Miranda. Photo taken by Pixelette Photo.

On May 2014 the Puerto Rico Comic Con will have two very special cosplay guests, one of them is the wonderful cosplayer called Lindze A’ La Mode. A native of San Diego, California and a current resident of Atlanta (probably the cosplay capital of the USA), Lindze is a veteran of this hobby with an illustrious career that expands for about 14 years. Her cosplay choices show a predilection for video games but she doesn’t shy away from others genres of entertainment show significant achievements with costumes based comic books and anime to name a few areas.

Lindze is a beautiful statuesque young lady who captures with the help of her cosplays all the magic, the sensuality, all the whimsy of the characters that she chooses to represent. And the best part is that she is bringing all that to Puerto Rico on May 24 & 25, 2014.

Darkstalkers/Morrigan & Lilith. Photo taken by Pixelette Photo.
Darkstalkers/Morrigan & Lilith. Photo taken by Pixelette Photo.

So check out this interview with Lindze A’ La Mode.

When did you discover the hobby called cosplay?

In 1999, I found pictures online of people cosplaying and immediately started researching it to find out more! I was hooked on first sight.

What motivates you to practice this hobby? In other words, why do you do it?

I love creating new things, I love the feedback from other people, and I love getting to show my love for characters I care about….pretty much everything motivates me because I love everything about cosplay!

Are you a fan of any particular entertainment area (comics, anime, video games)?

I tend to lean towards more video game cosplay than anything else. I like the designs the best, and I like the genre better than the other alternatives.

Do you remember which character that inspired you to make your first cosplay?

I do! I loved the game Darkstalkers, so I wanted to make a Lilith costume. She was so evil and cute, I had to be her!

Do you make your own costumes? If so do you make them alone or with help?

I prefer to make my own costumes, whenever possible, but I often get help. I like working with other crafters because I learn something new each time I do. I like the environment of groups crafting together.

Vanellope. Photo taken by Pixelette Photo.
Vanellope. Photo taken by Pixelette Photo.

Which do you consider that has been your most challenging cosplay to make?

That’s a tough call, because each costume has its own set of challenges. Miranda and Maleficent were very challenging, sewing wise, and Morrigan and Zyra were challenging in a more sculpting/crafting way. I don’t think I have just one most challenging costume.

How did you feel the first time that you put on your first cosplay?

I was so excited and elated that I found a group of people like me who had the same interests and I felt so at home immediately. Dressing up has always been second nature to me.

Do you feel that you express a part of your personality on your cosplays?

Yes definitely! I express my creative and artistic side of my personality, as well as my love for showmanship/drama.

April O Neil. Photo taken by Pixelette Photo.
April O Neil. Photo taken by Pixelette Photo.

When and where was your first public appearance in cosplay?

My first convention I cosplayed at was Katsucon 2000 in Arlington, VA, USA.

Which ones have been the events where you have done cosplay so far?

I have been to dozens of different conventions across the US as well as in South America and Japan, so I can’t count them all!

Silent Hill Nurses. Photo taken by Pixelette Photo.
Silent Hill Nurses. Photo taken by Pixelette Photo.

Do you use the services of professional photographers?

I love working with photographers of all types in cosplay. Getting a good photo of your costume is important, so it’s worth the money or time to invest in a good photographer.

Do you have experience participating in photo-shoots either individual or group?

I work at a photography studio, so I am very experiences in working with photo-shoots, and have done many group and individual shoots through the years.

What has been the public’s response to your cosplays?

So far, so good! As always, there will be people who have negative criticisms, but overall, people have been so nice and kind regarding my cosplay.

Have you been subjected to negative criticism, bullying or discrimination for being a cosplayer?

Yes, online mainly. Everyone has an idea of how their favorite characters should be portrayed, and some people think if you don’t fit that mold, they can knock you down. They forget that this is a hobby and we are not actors playing a role. We are fans just like everyone else.

Maleficent. Photo taken by Pixelette Photo.
Maleficent. Photo taken by Pixelette Photo.

Do you feel that your life has changed, that you’ve changed since you started doing cosplay?

My life has changed SO much from doing cosplay. It has led me towards TWO career paths, and almost all my friends, I have found them through cosplay. I am so grateful to cosplay for giving me the community and rewards of friends and experiences that I’ve had.

Crimson Viper. Photo taken by Pixelette Photo.
Crimson Viper. Photo taken by Pixelette Photo.

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