Today I wish to share with you some of the comic book treasures that I brought back from Dragon*Con 2014.

First let me show you a cover scan from Superman (Vol. 1) #229. There’s a very personal sentimental value attached to this comic. When I was a child who was barely starting Kindergarden my father took me to get my regular haircut at a Barbershop that had a big stack of comic books for the kids to read while they waited. The memory of reading a comic with Superman gliding through the air (instead of flying) stayed in my brain for all these years. Eventually thanks to the Grand Comics Database I was able to identify the cover and by a struck of luck I found a copy of this elusive comic book.

Superman #229. The Ex-Superman! Script: Leo Dorfman, Pencils: Curt Swan.

Next is this copy of Superboy (1949) #189 which has the story The Curse of the Hangman’s Noose! Script: Leo Dorfman Pencils: Bob Brown Inks: Murphy Anderson. Let’s just say that the cover got my attention.

Superboy (1949) #189.

On my next installment I’ll show you more samples of my Dragon*Con loot.


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