Publisher: Image Comics

Rating: E ​​(Everyone)

Language: English

Written by: Brad Guigar

Art by: Chris Giarrusso

Cover Price: $ 3.50

Number of pages: 25 pages of story, 3 pages of ads.


I learned of the existence of this comic during my weekly visit to my local comic book store, Metro Comics. The title immediately picked my curiosity and after a quick internet search, I out find that this is a collection of digital strips published weekly Emerald City Comicon website as part of their digital strips.

You can read them for free on the following link .


Each strip (composed of a single panel) captures and parodies all those multiple vignettes that are familiar to anybody who has been comic book convention, either as an enthusiast or as a professional. Sometimes you will find a strip that instead of parodying conventions of comics it does it with certain movies or other related topics. This type of strip is quite peculiar and different from what I’m used to when reading comics. Instead of having regular characters that appear panel after panel what we have are humorous one panel situations. The strength of this comic comes from the jokes not from the story or the characterization and its success as a reading experience will depend on how familiar the reader is with the atmosphere of the conventions of comics.


Personally I found this is a quite entertaining collection of strips. There were some jokes that took me some time to understand since they are too rooted in the culture of the United States. The art by Chris Giarrusso is a fluid and cheerful and complements the prose Brad Guigar quite nicely.


If you are a person who enjoys the comicon environment, this comic is for you.


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